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Welcome to the Singapore Students Association of Germany. We are very pleased that you have chosen to join our community.

We are in the midst of updating our database and thus need your help to update your personal information, especially because the existing information we have could be outdated (e.g. we are unaware you moved to a different city or have started working or have returned to Singapore). With this update, we hope to better support your interests and bring more opportunities that are relevant for you.

Our members are usually full-time Singaporean / SPR students based in German-speaking Europe, i.e. those who are degree-seeking, enrolled in Bachelor’s, Master’s, or further advanced degrees, but we also encourage the following groups to join us:

  1. short-term students (e.g. enrolled in language courses or on exchange, either Singaporean students in German-speaking Europe but also German students who were in Singapore and who still like to remain connected with us).
  2. alumni of SSAG who have graduated.
  3. students who are not citizens or Permanent Residents of Singapore, but who have had a meaningful relationship with Singapore (e.g. previously lived in Singapore, or have family still there)

Membership is open to all regardless of nationality, as long as you have an interest in all things Singapore-related, you're very welcomed to join us!

That's it for now, we will be in touch again soon after you've signed up!

Please drop us an email if you have any comments / suggestions, we can be reached at

Warmest regards,

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Like to get in touch with other members for meet-ups and perhaps possible job opportunities? If yes, we can introduce members via email, upon request.
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